YoungWoo Seo

Senior Director of Perception for Autonomous Systems
Hyperloop One
YoungWoo Seo is the Senior Director of Perception for Autonomous Systems at Hyperloop One. Hyperloop One Autonomous Systems team is building a fully-autonomous system with advanced data and analytics built into tubes, pods, and systems that will enable on-demand, direct transportation with no-stops, real-time scheduling, traffic, and load predictions, interoperability with last-mile providers, unparalleled passenger safety and comfort, and predictive operations and maintenance. The perception stack will enable Hyperloop One’s pods and tubes to process real-time data and analytics to enable successful autonomous operations. Prior to joining Hyperloop One, YoungWoo led the development of autonomous flight software for Autel Robotic’s next-generation drone, led a team of engineers to deliver a part of the next-generation products at Apple, and was a technical consultant for Cruise Automation (acquired by GM). YoungWoo has an exemplary research background and has co-authored a multitude of research papers on the subjects of autonomous system and transport, perception, visualization, and robotics. He has held numerous research positions at leading technical universities including Carnegie Mellon University and Seoul National University. YoungWoo holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, a Masters of Computer Science from Seoul National University, and a Bachelors of Computer Science from Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea.