Tim Woods

General Manager, Autonomous Vehicle Alliance
Founding Partner, POCO Labs
Tim Woods is a Founding Partner of POCO labs a Product Development and Research Company. Mr. Woods, a nationally recognized consultant with over 25 years of experience, works to drive innovation and the appropriate use of technology in everyday consumer products and services. He is a respected source of information to the media and has appeared on The Science Channel, Food Network, HGTV, CNN and others as a resource to discuss the future and technology. He has spoken at The Media Lab at MIT, USC, University of Michigan and The CAR Conference to name a few. POCO Labs list of clients includes General Motors, OnStar, Coca Cola, The Ford Motor Company, Leap Frog, Microsoft/Xbox One, Direct Energy, The Walt Disney Company, Lennox Industries, Whirlpool, General Mills, Glaxo Smith Klein, Meridian Health, Bosch, Spartan Motors, and The Autonomous Vehicle Alliance.