Dr. Lakshmi Thanayankizil

Wireless Connectivity Specialist / Researcher
General Motors
Dr. Lakshmi Thanayankizil is a Connected Vehicle Specialist in the Core Technologies group in General Motors Corporation, since Sep., 2011. Prior to joining General Motors, she received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Calicut, India, and the M.S.E.E (2009), and Ph.D. (2013) degrees in Electrical engineering, from Georgia Institute of Technology. She has also held industry positions at IBM Research Lab designing Building Energy Management Systems. She founded her own company in 2010, where she was awarded grants by the US Department of Transportation (Crash Avoidance Metric Partnership) for designing vehicular connectivity systems. At General Motors, she is the Subject Matter Expert and has been responsible for leading the strategy/ roadmap, and product design/ development for multiple technologies, including Wi-Fi, DSRC (vehicle to vehicle communication), Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) and Wireless Charging. Dr. Thanayankizil is the elected Vice-Chair of the Wi-Fi Alliance Technical and Marketing task groups, where she has been the leading the voice of Automotive OEMs to ensure the future Wi-Fi and DSRC standards/certifications are developed to meet the future Automotive use cases. In this role, she has influenced US and International (UK and Canada) Government regulatory bodies to ensure regulations are defined for the common benefit of public and Automotive OEMs. Dr. Thanayankizil has over 15 Patents, 30 Records of Inventions, 1 Book, and 20 technical publications in the areas of vehicle communication. She was awarded the “Rising Star Award”(by Women of Color for contributions in Engineering) , NSF ADVANCE Fellowship (awarded to emerging women leaders in STEM disciplines), and 2 IEEE best paper awards for her contributions in to engineering and science.