Akshay Anand

Executive Analyst
Kelley Blue Book
Akshay Anand is an executive analyst for Kelley Blue Book. In this position, he develops and shares powerful storylines and actionable information with executives in the automotive industry. Additionally, Anand regularly lends his insight on automotive news and information via commentary to media. Prior to his current role, he was manager of commercial insights. Anand was also previously a market intelligence analyst at Kelley Blue Book. In that position, Anand was charged with analyzing Web traffic data to identify trends and patterns on KBB.com. As a subject matter expert for Kelley Blue Book, Anand is knowledgeable on brand, segment and model-specific data and insights. In addition, he is familiar with the competitive environment within the automotive industry, car-shopper behavior and more. Anand holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies, with a focus on economics, from the University of California, Irvine.